Kintsugi = Japanese tradition + Nature

Natural ingredients only..

Kintsugi… only uses ingredients originally coming from nature. This method has been used since ancient times…

Gold, Silver, Black, Red….

Oops! It happens… I often hesitate to use the most favourite and expensive dishes, or some with memories….. the truth is… what a waste!

Let’s give them lives, use them, enjoy them…. in case of small accidents… here we are, the kintsugist/kintsugista from Japan!

Hon-kintsugi uses natural urushi (wood) lacquer, wood powders, stone powders, natural colors, cereal powders, gold, silver, oil…. in short, all natural and safe to use on dishes.

This is the method since long time ago, before artificial glue and paints are invented. Some kintsugi uses artificial materials but I am not a big fan of these… it takes longer but why not taking more natural and safer way…?

Some very old dishes have traces of repairation in Kintsugi method.. and that gives them a lot of originality, none of them are the same!